My relationship with Pete Skjold began years ago and has culminated in the relationship with a luthier that I had always dreamed of.  Pete can build me the instrument that I want while giving me the sound that I want.  

I can't say enough about Pete but, to see the result of this relationship, check out the "Damian Erskine Signature Whaleback" or the "Catacomb" models.  

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Everything GruvGear designs and builds is that "thing" that forces you to appreciate the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship.  I have been using their V-Cart for years and it is still going strong.  I am also lucky enough to have a direct relationship with them with regard to the "DuoStrap Signature" and "DuoStrap Neo", which I helped to design (fine tuning the original version which I had built for myself over a decade ago and turning it into a revolutionary way to relieve pressure on your neck and back when wearing your instrument). 

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I have been using Aguilar Amplification for over a decade and I still get excited when I hear my bass through them as compared to other rigs.  They are the best all-around cabs and heads on the market, in my opinion.  I love those things!

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D'Addario Nickel strings have been my "go to" strings for years. You just can't beat em'! 

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When it comes to gig bags, I've tried them all and I always come back to Reunion Blues (my first gig bag was a Reunion Blues, when I was 6 years old!).  Built like a tank, sized fantastically for air travel and very protective of your instrument.  I love my gig bags!

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MXR has been leading the charge with their fantastic pedals.  I have found personal nirvana with the Octave Pedal, in particular.  It finally overtook the seemingly unbeatable OC-2 in my eyes.  It does everything the OC-2 did so well and more. I have yet to try an MXR pedal that didn't leave me wanting to rewire my pedal board to incorporate it.

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I use the Torpedo C.A.B in my touring rig with Gino Vannelli and have used it on quite a few recording sessions.  It is the best simulator of it's kind and blows everything else out of the water. Everything they build is cutting edge and made for musicians by musicians.  It just works.

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I can't say enough about this do-it-all (and do it better than anyone else) little box.  The BassWitch IQ-DI has 2 effects loops, A/B box, boost, super clean DI and a fantastically clean and well voiced EQ.  This little thing changed my life.  I bring it to every session and use it on most any gig that's worthy of it.  

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Not only made right here in Portland, OR but they are made 3 blocks from my house! But truthfully, I don’t care if I had to order them from the furthest corner of the world. They’re that good. I’ve been searching for the right cable for a long time because, believe it or not, I can hear a big difference. That combined with my gigging and traveling schedule means that I want a full range cable with 3-dimensional sound (full & warm, but not too bright or dull) in a package that is built to last. After my last attempt at a cable company left me with two cable failures on gigs in 2 months, I started asking my tone-o-phile friends. A good friend and total gear head strongly recommended Divine Noise Cables. I used one of his cables for a weekend and A/B’d it with some of my other “go to” cables through my rig (often switching cables quickly every few tunes to really hear them in context) and I couldn’t believe the difference. Divine Noise doesn’t use stock cables with fancy wraps and rebrand them (like most cable companies) but, rather, have all of their cable stock custom made to spec just for them and then they are all hand-made by one guy. Gil Divine. Dude knows his stuff.

I’m not an official Divine artist but I’m so impressed with the cables, I felt they deserved a spot on the site. Portland rules!

Hands down.  My first choice in the studio.  Best DI box out there, in my opinion.



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My first pair of in-ear monitors were from 1964 Ears (a local company, here in Portland, OR).  When they got stolen while touring in Mexico, I decided to try some other brands just to see what was out there.  It turns out that I had made the right decision the first time.  While I found a lot of 'ears' that sounded very good, I also found that I consistently missed my 1964 Ears. Click on the photo to be taken directly to the 1964 Ears website